Eclectic Bay Area violinist Briana Di Mara brings her love of the instrument and its soulful expression to every performance. She was trained in western classical music as a child and has since gone on to study and perform a wide variety of traditional styles including Celtic, Balkan, Turkish and Arabic. She harmoniously weaves these influences into own unique sound, as well as into her original compositions. She is known for her evocative improvisations and amazing ability to play a broad range of genres from many different cultures.

She has performed and recorded with numerous artists, some of whom include Stellamara, Ali Paris Project, Beats Antique, Darioush Sami, Dan Cantrell, Moh Alileche, Sweet Moments of Confusion, La Ruya, and many more! She has also collaborated with well known dancers such as Zoe Jakes, Rachel Brice, Miriam Peretz and Jill Parker. These projects have led her to perform in a wide variety of venues, theaters and festivals around the globe, inspiring audiences with her expansive interpretation of world music and exciting interaction with dancers.

Her debut album, "Haven", has earned rave reviews and reflects the amazing collaborations that she has built around her original compositions.