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Briana Di Mara

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An eclectic mix of intricate melodies and soulful improvisations, "Haven" takes us on a journey into uncharted musical territory. Rebelling against the idea of genre, it's original compositions include unique instrumentation from around the world. The album is available in a beautiful 4 panel CD eco-pack or as a digital download.

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Violinist and composer Briana Di Mara, along with stellar guest artists, bring to us a musical "Haven". The album title refers to her relationship with music as a mode of healing and transcendence. Her dynamic compositions reflect her many years studying a wide variety of world music genres. Featured are unique instruments such as Arabic qanun, Persian santur, Indian tabla, saraz handpans, kalimba, and n'goni, as well as guitar, bass and percussion. Briana also makes use of a 5 string violin to create harmonic string layers. Each track offers a different feeling and experience.

"Haven is not simply a wonderful record, it’s a wonderful and lasting work of art." - Jamie Robash, Divide and Conquer Music

A rich variety of different influences which converge into a coherent and very original sound reflecting a clear vision of musical unity.”

— Ross Daly


All compositions and arrangements by Briana Di Mara. 
Produced by Briana Di Mara and Ali Paris.
Recorded by David Luke at Opus Studios.
Additional recording by Dan Cantrell, Dan Fries and Briana Di Mara. 
Mixing by David Luke, Christopher Krotky at Soundwire Studios, and Briana Di Mara. Mastering by Piper Payne. Photography by Aya Okawa. 



Briana Di Mara violin, 5 string violin, santur, vocals  
Ali Paris qanun (3,5,6)  
Tobias Roberson darbuka,cajon, riqq, frame drum (3,5,7,8)  
Sean Tergis riqq, davul (3,8)  
Kalliope Landgraf vocals (9)  
Gari Hegedus mandocello (2)  
Aharon Wheels Bolsta tabla,  
saraz handpans, frame drum (2,6)  
Surya Prakasha drum set (2)  
Dan Cantrell accordion (2)  
Diana Strong accordion (8)  
Gabriel Navia guitar (5,8)  
Schuyler Karr bass (3,5,7,8)  
Miles Jay bass (2,6)  
Evan Fraser kalimba, n'goni,calabash (1)

HomeSunlight filters through redwoods as dancers whirl to the music of violin and kalimba
StorytellerThere’s a story in every song. For my mother, my original storyteller.
SeyyahTurkish for “traveller”, this piece was inspired by my time studying Rom music in Istanbul.
Grace- For Ann, the embodiment of grace and kindness, you will be forever loved and missed.
La Partida Tango- My interpretation of one of my favorite tunes. 
Reverie- Living the daydream with qanun and saraz handpans.
MuseFor my husband, my muse, who I found in the woods around the same time as my santur.
Moonrise- A full moon rises as revelers sing and dance in the distance..
Kalliope’s LullabyFor my precious daughter who I love beyond words, every note I play and sing is for you.

Briana Di Mara has crafted a “genreless” album, one that is not held back by conventions. ”

Bucketlist Music

Comments from fans:

"Beautiful, powerful, feminine, magical" - Mimi 

"Every track is a delicious mix of old and new with a classical touch but seriously beyond compare. I literally cried several times hearing that violin weep sweet tears into the air". - Ashley

 "So rich in variety and moods, a journey through time and lands. Beautiful! Thank you!" - Allison

Please see "Reviews" page for published album reviews.

Briana has also recorded with Sweet Moments of Confusion, Myra Joy, Moh Alileche, Melita Silberstein, Dan Fries, and Rob Rayle. Please go to for more music samples..